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Do This to Reduce Fountain Algae in the Summer

Without proper preventative measures, like installing an aerator, algae can quickly overtake your water. Ponds, lakes and many other bodies of water can easily become contaminated through poor mix and oxygen levels. Aeration and mixing are important because it ensures that water does not become stagnant and prevents algae...
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New Year, New Expos!

Recap of Marina Dock Age Expo + See you in San Antonio at the Golf Industry Show 2018. Happy (belated) New Year and welcome to our first blog post for 2018! We are excited about the upcoming year and look forward to working with our existing customers and future...
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Protecting Your Fountains in the Winter

The Midwest can be brutal in winter. Our infamous ice storms cause damage to water pipes, trees, and basically anything outside. Whether you’re weathering snow storms, odd weather patterns, or another ice apocalypse, you need to make sure your aerator fountain pumps are ready. Taking the time to do a...
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Lighting Up Your Waterscape with a Fountain Lighting Kit

Adding lights to your fountain is an easy way to make your waterscape more elegant. Night fountains are inviting, adding a welcoming glow to your waterscape. It’s also a way to make your water look more appealing if you are already running your fountains at night. Fountain lighting kits...
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Using Fountains as a Mosquito Repellent

Have you heard that surface aerators and fountains can prevent mosquitoes? As the sweltering summer heat approaches, so do swarms of mosquitoes, often taking a restful stop on bodies of stagnant water. If you’re like most people, you probably don’t appreciate your water fountain being used as a mosquito...
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How to Choose a Fountain Spray Pattern

Sometimes too many options can be overwhelming. No worries. We’re here to help. Our fountains offer a variety of options with an array of spray patterns that have dynamic water displays. We’re diving into how to choose an aerating fountain spray pattern. The Font`N-Aire line includes both floating and...
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Summer Aeration Practices 

We are just starting to enter into the hottest days of summer. Is your pond prepared to deal with the heat? Summer is a critical time for the ecosystem of your pond or lake. When water temps rise, oxygen levels dissipate quickly, and sunny days increase the evaporation rate,...
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Case Study: An Irrigation Solution

Cloudburst Engineering in Palm Desert, CA, utilizes Air-O-Lator fountains and aerators as part of their solution to irrigation issues. The area’s dry conditions require well-maintained water resources to keep golf courses and green spaces in top shape throughout the year.
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We are the pond experts

For over 40 years, the Air-O-Lator has been manufacturing Electric Aerators, Solar Pond Aerators, Aerating Fountain, Display Fountains, Surface Aeration, De-Icer, Mixers, and more for water treatment. If you have pond questions, product inquiries or questions about your Air-O-Lator product, please contact us.