Lighting Up Your Waterscape with a Fountain Lighting Kit

  • September 26, 2017

Adding lights to your fountain is an easy way to make your waterscape more elegant. Night fountains are inviting, adding a welcoming glow to your waterscape. It’s also a way to make your water look more appealing if you are already running your fountains at night. Fountain lighting kits are available for all Air-O-Lator fountain models to enhance the fountain’s beauty at night.

All Air-O-Lator fountains have optional lighting kits available. Our fountain accent lighting can be attached to the floating device on your fountain. If you purchase one of our rock shaped floating devices, the effect will look even more seamless and professional.

Air-O-Lator fountain lighting kit options come in a variety of colors. The most common color is white, which gives your fountain an iridescent glow. White lights are often considered the most professional and classy.

You can also purchase colored lenses to put over the lights for color display. This is fun if you want a more festive display. For example, a red and blue light combination are popular for the Fourth of July holiday.

Tips for Installing and Maintaining Your Fountain Accent Lighting


Before you purchase lighting for your fountain, consider the surrounding area. Is there any other lighting around the pond that will the diminish the visual effect? It would be like looking at the stars in the city compared to outside the city lights.

Consider the hours of operation. The Air-O-Lator light kits are controlled by a photocell. The lights will only operate if the fountain is running and only after the sun has set. If you have street lights or other lights that are controlled by a photocell, take note of when the lights come on. This will give you an idea of when the fountain lights will come on and how long after they come on that you will want to operate the fountain.


Air-O-Lator light kits are simple to install.They are already assembled and ready to install on the float. In most cases, it is as simple as plugging the lights in.


It is important to keep the photocell cover clean to prevent the lights from operating during daylight hours. It is also as important to keep the lights themselves clean. Dirt, silt, and calcium will build up around the lights or lens covers diminishing the brightness. We recommend that the lights and fountain be removed during freezing conditions to prevent damage to the light and fountain due to freezing.