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Solar Pond Aerators
Solar pond aerators are a great alternative when electricity is too expensive, or wind is not a practical option. Solar power protects you against increasing electricity costs while also being great for the environment. When you install a solar pond aerator, you don’t have to keep paying to power the aerator over time. Once installed, sunlight does the work for you.
Save Money with a Solar Aeration System - Air-O-Lator

Save Money with a Solar Aeration System

Solar Pond Aerators are a great way to aerate in areas where you don’t have access to power or wind or just want to use green energy. The Solar Pond Aeration systems offered by Air-O-Lator are the best in the Industry. With solar power, you don’t have to worry about buildings or natural features blocking wind and keeping a windmill from powering your aerator. Solar aeration work great in any location that gets consistent sunshine.

Three Different Solar Pond Aeration Systems - Air-O-Lator

Three Different Solar Pond Aeration Systems

We offer a choice of three different solar pond aeration systems. The first two are Direct Drive™ (DD) systems. These operate during the daylight hours and are designed to aerate and circulate your pond for 8-12 hours a day. One of these is our DD solar aerator for ponds less than 12’ in-depth. The other is for ponds of all depths and uses our Quantum™ rocking piston compressors. The third option is our battery backup solar aeration system that is designed to operate 24/7. Our battery backup provides continuous aeration for your pond even on those cloudy, dreary days. It’s a perfect option if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain but still want the benefits of solar aeration.

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