Water Quality Solutions For over 40 years, the Air-O-Lator Corporation has been making eco-friendly, high-performance products engineered to conserve water and improve water quality. Water systems remain natural and beautiful by being maintained and enhanced by Air-O-Lator products.

The Air-O-Lator Corporation was originally founded in 1961 under the name Roycraft Industries. In 1967, Roycraft Industries developed the original, Ice-Away de-icer, designed to prevent ice formation in marinas and around docks. Just three years later, the Ice-Away was improved with an exclusive, water-cooled, submersible electric motor.

While positioning the propeller close to the water surface, it was discovered that the Ice-Away performed as an excellent pond and lake aerator and soon became known as the Air-O-Lator.

The Air-O-Lator Corporation continues to manufacture products that improve water quality and beautification while maintaining environmental responsibility. With over 90 years of combined experience in manufacturing water and wastewater equipment, the owners and employees of Air-O-Lator continue to develop and improve product lines.

We take pride in our outstanding customer service and product knowledge. We promise to provide our customers with quality products and outstanding customer service. All Air-O-Lator products are manufactured, assembled, tested and shipped from our facility located in Kansas City, Missouri, The City of Fountains.

Air-O-Lator is proud to be a Buy American company. With multiple manufacturer’s representatives and over 200 dealers in the United States and abroad, our products are readily available.



Water Quality Solutions



In 1988 we bought a Font`N-Aire 220 volt, 1HP fountain from Air-O-Lator Corp. We installed it in our pond at the Escalon Golf Course in Escalon, CA. It has been running everyday from 8:00 am until 5:00 pm for the past 25 years. We are very satisfied with it, maintenance has been very little. It makes a beautiful spray, our golfers like it, and so do our fish, and it helps keep our pond clear. It adds a lot to the beauty of our golf course.
Tom Hagen

Owner, Escalon Golf Course

We have used Air-O-Lator aerators in our irrigation reservoirs and winery waste reservoir for 5+ years. They run continuously and are an integral part of our water quality program for drip/sprinkler irrigation of our row and permanent crops. They are easy to install and operate very well with little maintenance required. I am pleased with and appreciate the sales and service team at Air-O-Lator.
Ron Flechs

Irrigation Manager, Talley Farms, Arroyo Grande, California

We have had a very open working relations with Air-O-Lator, and even though we do not see as many lagoon projects as we used to, I feel that both company’s reputations have made the projects we do seem easy to be specified.
Roger Gellhaus

Mc2, Omaha, NE

Using the Air-O-Lator Aquarian PRO surface aerator in combination with our bacterial treatment, the homeowners attained noticeable clarity and actually felt comfortable swimming in their pond within two weeks of installation of the aerator.
Jesse Johnston

TerraOne Solutions, Canada

We needed the fountain for functionality but it’s a bonus to have something look pretty too.  We have really enjoyed looking at the fountain from the house, especially at night when it is lit up.

* The customer purchased the Font’N-Aire Ready 1hp deluxe fountain package to improve water quality with aeration, but also for the aesthetics.  The rock cover hides the floating fountain motor from view and the light kit allows for a beautiful light and water appearance at night.

Danny Rains

Missouri landowner

In partnership with the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism and Air-O-Lator Corporation, the City of Sterling recently completed an aeration enhancement project at Sterling Lake. The project included improvements to the subsurface aeration and the addition of surface aeration. This combination allows for the water in the lake to be turned around within the water column–providing higher oxygen levels for fish and promoting stable nutrient levels. While the aerators installed were chosen for functionality, the bonus is they are pretty to look at too. We have appreciated the ongoing partnership with the KDWPT as we work toward creating a more accessible fishing environment for Kansas families right here in Sterling. The approximately $30,000 project was funded in part by a Community Fisheries Assistance Program Grant through KDWPT.
Taggart Wall

City Manager, City of Sterling, KS

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