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Font’N-Aire Platinum

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How It Works - Air-O-Lator

How It Works

Complete with a float, power drive assembly, electrical service cable assembly, and 24-hour time clock, our Font N’ Aire Platinum is a high-performing aerating fountain that is not only capable of keeping water clean but also aesthetically pleasing.

Propeller Pump Aerating Fountain: Our scientifically engineered foul-resistant propeller pumps 1,000 gallons of water per minute into the air through a specifically designed Carnival nozzle. This causes the large column of water to shear into millions of microdroplets exposing more water to the atmosphere. As the aerated water returns to the parent body of the water surface, turbulence is created in a 360-degree radius outward from the fountain increasing the interface of air to water, therefore transferring the atmospheric oxygen to the water.

Centrifugal Pump Display Fountain: The unique center discharge design keeps the shaft of the submersible motor and the discharge in a vertical position, allowing the entire weight of the fountain to remain in the center of the float. The Centrifugal Pump Display Fountain produces a high amount of pressure which creates terrific water spray heights and displays while using less horsepower.

Advantages - Air-O-Lator


  • No seals or bearings to maintain high speed, foul resistant propellers or impellers, provide high shearwater spraying action. No lazy sprays, bubbles, or slow boil of water.
  • One-piece square flotation for stability to minimize any oscillation that can occur with round floats
  • A watertight, removable, 100’ power cable is standard. Additional cable lengths are available in 50’ increments.
  • ETL listed (ANSI/UL508) control panel with time clock (adjustable in 15-minute increments) and equipment leakage circuit interrupter (ELCI) (US only)
  • Exclusive Franklin Electric Sand Fighter submersible motor, which implements the use of a silicon carbide mechanical sealing system