De-Icers - Air-O-Lator
With our scientifically engineered high speed propeller, the Ice-Away lifts 500 gallons of water per minute upward to the surface, simultaneously drawing the warmer water from below. Our uniquely designed motor mount/diffuser redirects the water flow outward creating a larger area of coverage.
Air-O-Lator De-Icer Ice-Away - Air-O-Lator

Air-O-Lator De-Icer Ice-Away

The Ice-Away is capable of keeping an 8ft. diameter area of open water for every foot of propeller depth. The average suspended depth is approximately 5ft up to a maximum of 8ft.

With the optional float, the Ice-Away can be used in ponds or lakes to keep areas open for ducks, geese, and other waterfowl, as well as keeping an open area preventing winter fish kills.

Greatest customer service I’ve ever dealt with. I would definitely recommend this company. They are truly a caring company that has GREAT equipment.

OJ Shipman