Solar Pond Fountains

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Our Innovative Solar Fountain Product Line

Energy-Saving Solar Powered

We are excited to release our innovative solar pond fountain product line. These solar pond fountains work by capturing energy from the sun and channeling it to an inverter, where the energy is converted to electricity to power your floating pond fountain. Our solar pond fountain line is one of the first high-quality fountains to hit the market, and offers an added benefit of a lower electric bill that can typically cost you $300 or more per month.

Get smart with energy-saving solar pond fountains for your golf course, resort, subdivision, public or municipal facility, or residence.

No Electricity Required - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products
100% Solar Energy

No Electricity Required

The Air-O-Lator line of solar floating pond fountains does not need nor require electricity, relying 100% on solar energy to operate. For golf courses and private ponds, owners and managers often find it challenging to locate access to electricity to power their fountains, and the hassle and expense of running power lines to the edge of a pond is unfitting for modernized pond or lake features. In fact, if power is running to the site, it is likely that the voltage is insufficient to operate larger, more impressive fountain displays.

The design and structure of our solar pond fountains are ideal because they will enhance and improve the enjoyment of your water feature, while saving you time and money! No longer do you need to go through the trouble of turning the switch on and off to power your fountain. No longer do you have to worry about the electricity bill and power lines running your fountain system.

No Ongoing Electric Costs

The most impressive reason to invest in solar pond fountains is their ability to lower costs! For homeowner associations and private entities it can be a hassle to pay a monthly electric bill or to divide the cost between multiple parties. With our line of solar pond fountains, there is no ongoing electric cost and no need to divvy up the electricity payments!

After years of hesitating, last season I added an aerator and dye to our 1 acre, 20-foot deep pond. Despite a drought year that saw the pond level drop by nearly 8 feet, the water condition was clearly better, clearer, and with less algae.

Aaron R.