Air-O-Lator products can be grouped into six lines: surface aerators, subsurface aerators, fountains, de-icers, aspirators, and submersible mixers. Whether you are a residential, commercial or government entity, we have the water and wastewater management product to fit your needs.

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Ponds, lakes and other types of bodies of water can easily become contaminated through poor aeration. In both a commercial and residential capacity, one of the best ways to keep ponds and lakes, as well as many other types of bodies of water, looking good is to use a surface aerator.
A diffused aeration system is designed to improve oxygen levels and destratification in ponds and lakes. A subsurface aerator mounted at the bottom of the body of water creates a healthy pond by taking oxygen to the water’s lowest depth.
Air-O-Lator has a full line of fountains whether you are creating a beautiful water show display or needing to aerate a body of water. The Font’N-Aire fountain line offers customers many options in terms of spray patterns, horsepower and lighting. All are eco-friendly and use high performance technology.
In 1967, Air-O-Lator developed the original Ice-Away de-icer designed to prevent ice formation in marinas and around docks. For 50 years, the Ice-Away has proved to be an efficient, environmentally safe way to protect docks in freezing temperatures, plus keep areas open for ducks, geese, and other waterfowl.
Aspirators are designed for aeration and directional flow mixing in all types of ponds, lakes and water impoundments. These products serve a number of different industries: irrigation, wastewater management, stormwater management, fish farming, ranching, and agriculture.
Our slow speed, propeller-type submersible mixers are capable of continuous underwater operation and are designed to continually mix liquid and substances to prevent unhealthy settling in bodies of water.