Submersible Mixers

Air-O-Lator’s Intermix submersible mixer is an efficient solution for mixing and aeration in wastewater treatment applications. Available in two designs – Direct Drive and Gear-Driven – Intermix features a unique propeller design and adjustable pitch angles for optimal performance. The wastewater mixers are constructed with high-quality materials, including stainless steel and marine-grade coatings, for durability in harsh wastewater environments. They are easy to install and maintain and can be customized to suit specific needs with a variety of mounting options available. Choose the Intermix Submersible Mixer for a reliable and efficient wastewater treatment solution.

Submersible Mixer Features

  • Construction and Durability

    • The InterMix Direct Drive 3HP is constructed specifically for raw, screened wastewater applications.
    • It includes separate bearings for the propeller housed in the fairwater, removing strain from the motor.
    • Features ductile-iron housing, 316 SS prop, and 304 SS mounting support.
    • Air-O-Lator submersible mixers guarantee a lifespan of 15-20+ years, utilizing high-grade U.S. steel and motors.
  • Mounting and Installation

    • The InterMix mixer includes a 304SS motor support and mount, compatible with a 4″ square tube mast.
    • The mount allows for easy raising, lowering, and removal of the mixer without entering the tank.
    • Optional pontoon floating mount is available for lagoons and oxidation ditches.
    • Air-O-Lator mixers are designed to operate at depths of up to 30 feet and adapt to both open and closed tank setups.
  • Motor and Power

    • The InterMix mixer features a Baldor 3-phase continuous duty motor with Class F insulation and UL listing for explosion-proof applications.
    • It comes with a 30′ power cord for convenient power supply.
    • Air-O-Lator mixers are known for their energy-efficient motors.
  • Safety and Operational Environment

    • Air-O-Lator submersible mixers prioritize safety by incorporating features like thermal overload protection to ensure a secure operational environment.
    • InterMix mixer components are rated for long-lasting operation, with bearings and seals designed for 100,000 hours of use.