Pond Sealants

Having a leaky pond can be really frustrating especially if you’ve just spent $30,000 building it.  Some leaks require draining the pond, tearing out the dam and starting over.  Most leaks are not that major and are caused by porous soils or an area that has some rock or sand in it and not much clay. We have had great luck using a product called Soilfloc™ to seal up leaks in ponds. Soilfloc is a polymer based product that is great at sealing leaks and is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It consists of two parts that combine together in the pond to sink and seal cracks and fissures where water escapes.  The key is that the water needs to be above the area that you think is leaking, applying the product and letting it get pulled into the leaking area. Using Soilfloc is much more cost effective than using Bentonite or a pond liner and certainly less expensive than bringing in a dozer.

Soilfloc is easy to use and will not harm livestock or fish so if you have a pond that leaks, then consider using Soilfloc.

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