Protecting Your Fountains in the Winter

  • November 29, 2017

The Midwest can be brutal in winter. Our infamous ice storms cause damage to water pipes, trees, and basically anything outside. Whether you’re weathering snow storms, odd weather patterns, or another ice apocalypse, you need to make sure your aerator fountain pumps are ready.

Taking the time to do a quick tune-up or order replacement parts for your fountains can save you a lot of trouble when everything de-thaws in the spring.

In areas that are prone to freezing, follow these steps to safely remove your fountains:

Disconnect Power

If you know your aerating fountain pump or nozzle can’t handle the cold, go ahead and take it out and store out of the elements for the winter. Lockout the breaker to shut off the power source. Unplug the power cable and secure to the float. If you cannot remove the power cable, make sure you coil the cable up and protect the connection with a plastic bag.

Store in a Dry Place

A covered, dry, enclosed area like a shed, garage, barn or other storage area is best. Store the power cable separate from the fountain as well. Coil up the power cable and disconnect from the control panel. Store the power cable in a safe place away from rodents.

Remove the fountain and light kit from the float. Then store the float, fountain, and accessories in a safe, dry area. Remember to keep the fountain in an upright position. The original packing carton is an excellent way to store your fountain.

Inspect for Issues

Inspect the power cable for nicks and wear. Clean and inspect your fountain. Replace any worn or broken parts prior to storing for the winter. If you are in an area that does not get below freezing, the fall is a good time to clean and inspect your fountain and replace any worn or damaged parts.

To replace your fountain or any parts, simply submit a request replacement parts form or contact an Air-O-Lator expert.