How to Choose a Fountain Spray Pattern

  • May 30, 2017

Sometimes too many options can be overwhelming. No worries. We’re here to help. Our fountains offer a variety of options with an array of spray patterns that have dynamic water displays. We’re diving into how to choose an aerating fountain spray pattern.

The Font`N-Aire line includes both floating and non-floating decorative and aerating fountains that you can install in your pond. The fountains pump water from below the surface of large and small bodies of water and then push the water through a nozzle, creating spray patterns. Our aerating fountain is engineered to provide high oxygen transfer to improve water quality. Our fountains are equipped with an eco-friendly, non-oil filled motor.

What is the major reason for installing a fountain in my pond?

Some applications are strictly decorative but many offer aeration as well. The Font’ N-Aire Ready and Platinum are just for you. Our Ready and Platinum fountains can be easily converted from an aerating fountain to a dramatic visual display fountain.

The Font’ N-Aire Ready and Platinum propeller pump fountains are available with 1-5 horsepower, 230 volts, 1 phase or 3 phase motor. With our Carnival nozzle and high-volume propeller, the fountain can pump up to 1,000-1,400 gallons of water per minute into the air that produces a high oxygen transfer into the body of water. The Carnival nozzle creates a heavy decorative spray pattern of 7-10 feet in height and 25-35 feet in diameter. 

The Font ’N-Aire Ready and Platinum fountain as well as our Legacy Fountain (½ horsepower, 115 Volt) is also available with our specifically designed centrifugal pump that allows the motor to be mounted vertically and produces high pressure through any of our five decorative nozzles (Galaxy, Diana, Northstar, Solace, Nova) creating dramatic displays.


Our Ready and Platinum fountains can be easily converted from an aerating fountain to a decorative display fountain or from decorative to an aerating fountain.

The Gulf Stream is a non-floating decorative fountain designed for concrete or lined water display pools. The Gulf Stream can be installed in as little as 11 inches of water and is also engineered to operate multiple nozzles with a single unit. The Gulf Stream is not available with the Carnival nozzle.

Consider the size of your water.

When selecting any of the various spray patterns for our Font’ N-Aire fountains you must consider the size of the body of water. Do not select a nozzle or horsepower that will spray the water out of the pond. Select a height that is visible from your focal point.

Be conscious of the prevailing winds. Windy conditions will affect the visual display and can cause the water to spray outside the dimensions of the pond.

Let us help!

As always, if you have any questions please contact us and speak with our experts.

Selecting the horsepower and number of units will be discussed in our next newsletter.