Wastewater Management Keeps Our Ecosystem Healthy

  • June 23, 2015

For over 40 years, Air-O-Lator has been manufacturing de-icers, aerators, fountains, mixers and aspirator for water treatment. Our fountains and aerators can be seen on golf courses, in parks, subdivisions, schools, and more. But, water treatment also includes wastewater management equipment. Air-O-Lator products are hard at work in places you don’t see.

Air-O-Lator works with customers to meet the water aeration and mixing needs at municipal water treatment plants, manufacturing plants, and factories, plus stormwater retention ponds.

In 2015, Air-O-Lator has been active on numerous projects. “We are currently operating on a few water and wastewater projects: City of Kansas City Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP); Homestake Mining Company in Grants, NM; Concordia, KS WWTP,” explained Air-O-Lator President Roy Watkins.

These projects typically require a customized plan to meet the aeration needs to achieve the optimal output for the application. Air-O-Lator utilizes years of expertise in wastewater management plus a full line of equipment to develop the right installation for each client.

With all the spring rains and recent flooding in some parts of the country, retention ponds are top of mind for many people. While this is a temporary place for runoff until water levels subside or are absorbed into the ground, retention ponds must stay clean and healthy with water aeration. It is important that this water does not contaminate lakes and streams.

In the March/April issue of Soil Erosion, the Keeping Retention Ponds Healthy article by Mary Elizabeth Williams-Villano featured ways to control water quality. The article stressed regular monitoring and maintenance noting surface and sub-surface aeration as being essential.

Air-O-Lator’s wastewater equipment line helps customers manage stormwater, especially retention ponds. For more information, email or contact Roy to discuss how you can keep your stormwater system, eco-friendly.