Stormwater Management: From Plans to Reality

  • September 14, 2015

Over the last several months, parts of the United States have seen record amounts of rain. Managing where that rain flows and drains is called stormwater management.

With many techniques and tools available to harness and control rainwater and runoff, it is important to be aware of the best fit and design for a project. Air-O-Lator is a wastewater management expert and that includes stormwater. We work with engineers and contractors taking plans to reality.

Once out in the field, onsite contractors are implementing an engineered design into a new stormwater system or upgrading antiquated infrastructure. Working with the project specs, Air-O-Lator recommends what is the best aerator to keep water in a retention area from becoming stagnant and ultimately becoming unhealthy.

Cities and states have rules about handling stormwater to stay in line with environmental regulations. If you are building a new development, are you aware of all the “I’s” to dot and “t’s” to cross when installing a water management system? What about if you are completing an urban infill project? Dealing with antiquated systems? All things to get the right answers to when it comes to stormwater management before it is too late.

Air-O-Lator’s wastewater team not only recommends the proper equipment for a project but also assists with onsite implementation. This ensures the stormwater is effectively managed.