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Water Management and Sustainability for Summer

In the aftermath of heavy rains, tornadoes, and storms, we are entering summer rather weathered. Uniquely, this season means you will need to factor in managing flash floods, heat, and dry spells to your summer wastewater management plan. Flooding, like we’ve seen in the Midwest recently, can cause a...
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Heavy Rains: Hurricane Wastewater Management

We’ve been following the devastating news about Hurricane Harvey. I have no words to express how horrific the scenes of destruction I’ve seen televised. Our hearts go out to those in Texas that are losing homes and fleeing from ongoing storm damage. The news is full of record-breaking water...
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Wastewater Management Keeps Our Ecosystem Healthy

For over 40 years, Air-O-Lator has been manufacturing de-icers, aerators, fountains, mixers and aspirator for water treatment. Our fountains and aerators can be seen on golf courses, in parks, subdivisions, schools, and more. But, water treatment also includes wastewater management equipment. Air-O-Lator products are hard at work in places you...
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