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Aerators Help Trout Thrive at a Mountain-Top Retreat

The Montebello Camping and Fishing Resort is nestled high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at approximately 3,000 feet elevation, adjacent to the George Washington & Thomas Jefferson National Forest in Virginia. Air-O-Lator client Charles Grant operates the campground and resort, which features cabins with beautiful views of the mountains...
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Water Management and Sustainability for Summer

In the aftermath of heavy rains, tornadoes, and storms, we are entering summer rather weathered. Uniquely, this season means you will need to factor in managing flash floods, heat, and dry spells to your summer wastewater management plan. Flooding, like we’ve seen in the Midwest recently, can cause a...
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Everyday Stormwater Management

For most of us, stormwater management is not a typical topic we discuss over coffee, but stormwater affects us all. With the heavy snows this winter, warming temperatures, and spring storms, many of us may experience flooding. Stormwater management starts at home. Storm runoff from our roofs is directed through...
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The Best (and Worst) Aquatic Plants for Your Pond

Many aquatic fountain plants are beautiful and beneficial to your pond and its inhabitants, but too much of a good thing can cause damage. Poor care and maintenance of aquatic plants can create an imbalance in your pond’s ecosystem. There are three main categories of aquatic plants: Submerged Aquatic...
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Smart Irrigation Month: Using Aerators in Irrigation

Irrigation and Aerators: a sustainable partnership.  Water is our most precious source of life here on this earth and often it is wasted or misused. If you irrigate your land, it’s important that you’re dispersing healthy, clean water throughout your crops or grass. If you’re using irrigation to bring...
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CAD Details + Air-O-Lator: Wastewater Management and Treatment Solutions

Guest Blog: Emily Matlovich, writer at  Wastewater is produced from two sources. The first is sanitary sewage which is generated from residences, businesses, institutions, and industries. The second source is stormwater which is developed from rain or melting snow that drains off rooftops, lawns, parking lots, streets, sidewalks,...
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The Way Water was Intended: Clean, Healthy, Sustainable

The final installment of a three-part series about maintaining water, our most precious resource. Ponds and lakes with supplemental mechanical aeration can still have insufficient oxygen levels if the demand is greater than what the mechanical aerator can produce. This is known as Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), which is...
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Our Lakes and Streams Deserve Good Water

You hear the buzzwords. Sustainability. Clean. Ecosystem. Natural. Conservation. Healthy. But what does it all mean and is it just hype? What is water sustainability? “Today more than ever in our environmentally-challenged world, protecting and managing water, one of our most important natural resources, should be a top priority,”...
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We are the pond experts

For over 40 years, the Air-O-Lator has been manufacturing Electric Aerators, Solar Pond Aerators, Aerating Fountain, Display Fountains, Surface Aeration, De-Icer, Mixers, and more for water treatment. If you have pond questions, product inquiries or questions about your Air-O-Lator product, please contact us.