Smart Irrigation Month: Using Aerators in Irrigation

  • July 21, 2017

Irrigation and Aerators: a sustainable partnership. 

Water is our most precious source of life here on this earth and often it is wasted or misused. If you irrigate your land, it’s important that you’re dispersing healthy, clean water throughout your crops or grass. If you’re using irrigation to bring water to crops or dry areas this summer, consider how an aerator can help keep your water clean and healthy.

Aerators can help in wastewater management for irrigation practicesIf you’re not drawing your water from a natural spring or water source nearby, you’re likely pulling water from a pond or man-made water source on your land. That water can become stagnant and a breeding ground for insects and bacteria.  Remember, whatever is in your pond is what you are spraying on your grass or crops.

Air-O-Lator’s aerators and diffused aerators keep your water moving and oxygenated, providing you with clean, healthy water for irrigation.

How do I get oxygen into my pond?

Aerators continuously introduce oxygen into the water, and circulate it through the water, reintroducing oxygen to your body of water. This simulates a natural aeration process that would normally happen if you were drawing water from a river or spring.

Air-O-Lator floating aerators are submerged beneath the surface and spray water into the air, creating a consistent process of aeration. Aerators come in a variety of volumes depending on the size and depth of your pond.

Air-O-Lator’s Diffused Aerator is an onshore compressor that pushes air through the tube from the bottom of the pond. As air is pumped through the tubing at the end of the compressor, and into the pond, thousands of bubbles are released. When those bubbles are released, the oxygen in that bubble transfers into the water. As the bubbles travel up to surface they create an induced flow because the bubble is dragging the water with it, creating a flow from bottom to top. Diffused aerators provide a slow aeration that keeps water moving.

Keep in mind that larger bodies of water or oddly shaped bodies of water may require multiple aerators.

Consult an Air-O-Lator expert today to find out what kind and size of aerator you need to keep your water, and ultimately your irrigation, healthy and sustainable.