CAD Details + Air-O-Lator: Wastewater Management and Treatment Solutions

  • June 28, 2017

Guest Blog: Emily Matlovich, writer at

Wastewater is produced from two sources. The first is sanitary sewage which is generated from residences, businesses, institutions, and industries. The second source is stormwater which is developed from rain or melting snow that drains off rooftops, lawns, parking lots, streets, sidewalks, and other urban surfaces.

Regardless of how the wastewater develops, proper treatment of it is critical. In the event of improperly treated wastewater, it can cause adverse effects to human health, aquatic life and wildlife. This is because the majority of wastewater is used for irrigation, crop production, and fertilization.

Wastewater management and treatment is constantly advancing and it’s important for companies to be flexible to the new innovations and technologies as they become available. Traditionally the treatment of wastewater includes a combination of physical, biological, and chemical methods.

In the past, many wastewater management and water body conservation methods consumed lots of energy and were producing significant carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. So while the prior methods were effectively cleaning water, they were also causing other negative effects on the environment which caused companies to propose alternative more environmentally friendly solutions.

One company that is especially focused on creating an environmentally friendly process is Air-O-Lator. Their contribution to wastewater management is using an aspirating mixer which introduces and mixes air into the water at a high volume in order to metabolize present aerobic microorganisms.

If you’re interested in incorporating our products into your project then search A profile on Air-O-Lator’s CAD details. You’ll be able to preview performance data, spray patterns, and horsepower specifications.