Aerators Help Trout Thrive at a Mountain-Top Retreat

  • August 26, 2020
Aerators Help Trout Thrive at a Mountain-Top Retreat - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

The Montebello Camping and Fishing Resort is nestled high in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at approximately 3,000 feet elevation, adjacent to the George Washington & Thomas Jefferson National Forest in Virginia. Air-O-Lator client Charles Grant operates the campground and resort, which features cabins with beautiful views of the mountains and a private lake stocked with trout fish. Charles purchased his original Air-O-Lator aerator in 1975 after reading an article about our company. We’re guessing it was one convincing article! 

Charles uses Air-O-Lator’s aerators to keep fishing trout healthy so that visitors can fish successfully. He also uses surface and subsurface aeration to improve water quality in the large recreation lake in the campground. Visitors get exclusive access to the lake for fishing, boating, swimming, or enjoying a day trip to the mountains.

Because Montebello is a camping and fishing resort, the welfare of the trout living in the lake is vital. One of Montebello’s 1/2 horsepower aerator units is located in a fee-based trout operation where visitors can fish for rainbow and brook trout. A fishing permit is not required for the private lake at Montebello, and there is no limit to the number of fish caught since Charles purchases the fish from a private producer. Customers are required to keep what they catch because handling or injuring trout often causes trout to die.

“We purchase approximately 15,000 pounds of trout per year, and our customers pay for them by the pound,” Charles said. “Many of our customers often visit to catch fresh trout just like you would make trips to the grocery store for fresh chicken or beef.”

Air-O-Lator’s 1/2 horsepower aerator units are used to increase dissolved oxygen, critical to trout survival in warmer summer months of the year. The use of aerator units keeps the surface of the water moving by creating random reflections, making it difficult for eagles, ospreys, and blue herons to swoop down and catch fish, leaving the fishing to the visitors. Aeration also reduces algae and subsurface weed growth by decreasing sunlight penetration and supporting good bacteria, which keeps the water healthy.

Charles continues to be a valued client of ours years after he read that Air-O-Lator article. “There a lot more companies making aerators now,” Charles said. “But, we have always stuck with Air-O-Lator, as we think it is the best.” 

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