Do ponds really need to maintain oxygen levels? 

  • April 1, 2020
Do ponds really need to maintain oxygen levels?  - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products


Recent scientific research at the University of Stark in Winterfell has determined that it is no longer necessary to maintain oxygen levels and water movement in ponds, lakes, or any water impoundment, to provide sustainable water quality for aquatic life and organic decomposition.

April Fools! Spring cleaning is essential for maintaining healthy water

Aeration and water movement is the first step in pond and lake management. Without sufficient oxygen levels and water movement, the aquatic ecosystem in your pond or lake will become imbalanced, causing algae blooms, odors, fish kills and poor water quality.

Spring Cleaning Out-of-Doors

With the increase in temperatures and sunny days, we are all excited about getting outdoors again. The trees are budding, the grass is turning green, and right NOW is the best time to start our outdoor cleanup and maintenance. I just cleaned up my yard and tuned-up my lawnmower.

Now, it’s time to start on my neighbor’s pond (he lets me fish it). With water temperatures on the rise, millions of microorganisms are waking up from the winter. Oxygen demand on your pond will begin to increase. Without proper aeration and mixing, ponds will soon turn over, creating an imbalanced ecosystem that will lead to an algae-covered pond.

Make it a Family Affair

Spring cleaning for your Aerators

A few weekends ago I had the grandkids, so I had extra helpers to clean up around the pond. We removed debris, dead and overgrown plants, and vegetation. After cleaning up in and around the pond, I shut down the Deep-Aire sub-surface aerator and completed preventative maintenance by changing the compressor filter and cleaning the fan to ensure airflow for cooling. I carefully removed a few mud dobber nests, inspected air hoses for any damage, and completed a tune-up of the compressor, replacing the valve gaskets and “O” rings. Within just a couple of hours, we had the Deep-Aire back up and running.

Installing a Fountain and New Lights!

Our next project was installing the fountain. This was what the grandkids wanted to start with. They really enjoy coming over and watching the fountain and playing around the pond. We pulled the fountain from storage and started by cleaning and inspecting the fountain. Every year before I install the fountain, I install a tune-up kit. This includes new pump gaskets, impeller, shroud and shaft slinger. Then we clean up the float and check the lights and replace any lights that are burnt out. This year I replaced all of the lights with our new color-changing LED seal beams. I make sure to check the mooring ropes and replace them if necessary. I also check the power cable and connectors for any damage. We completed the installation of the fountain just in time for supper.

Sharing and Preserving Nature

It was such a beautiful evening that we built a bonfire and roasted hot dogs and heated up some baked beans. After sunset, we sat around the fire and made smores (everyone’s favorite). We played around with the new color-changing lights, flickering between red, blue,  green, and every color in between. All the kids had to take turns playing with the lights and watching the fountain.

It wasn’t my intention to discuss the current situation that we are all facing, but after spending a full day with my grandkids outdoors and teaching them things about nature and our environment, I realized how important these moments are and how much we must teach our young kids about keeping nature and water clean and healthy.

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