A Guide to the Best Fountains for Golf Courses

  • June 17, 2019

Summer is in full swing! And it’s time to hit the course. From rolling hills with quaint ponds to seaside views, all golf courses shine a little brighter with water features. Air-O-Lator’s fountains keep water healthy and moving on hot summer days and come equipped for a variety of water depths, especially shallow water. Plus, you can go all out and light up your fountains with nighttime displays for events at the club.

Healthy Water on the Golf Course

Including a fountain or aerator in your water management plan is essential for any lake or pond on a golf course. Fountains and aerators constantly move oxygen through water, maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Water on golf courses can become contaminated with lawn care chemicals, debris from storms or just the traffic of people on the golf course.

Healthy water on the golf course begins with the mindset of taking care of your pond or lake by cleaning out debris, monitoring your water’s health by looking for algae or sediment buildup, and ultimately choosing the right fountain or aerator that will keep your water healthy and fresh.

The Best Fountains for Your Golf Course

When it comes to choosing the best fountain for your golf course, consider its location, the elements it will encounter, the depth of the water, the space it inhabits, and the maintenance it requires.

  • Nu-Wave: Our Nu-Wave fountain is a no-fuss fountain. It does not require electricity, entering into the water and is ideal for shallow water. There are a variety of spray patterns to choose from. This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a low-maintenance fountain that looks pretty and is cost-effective.
  • Ready: If a fountain is the crowning glory of your course, the Ready fountain is for you. You need something dramatic. This is an excellent fountain for shallow water as well. Many Ready fountains can occupy a larger lake or pond to provide a dynamic display.
  • Legacy: The Legacy fountain is an excellent pick for bodies of water that are smaller or deeper. It’s a versatile display fountain that can easily be modified for smaller spaces.
  • Platinum: This fountain is for those who want to go all out. The Platinum is a decorative fountain designed to aerate bodies of water using eco-friendly, high-performance technology which conserves water while improving quality. Available in 2-5 Horsepower, the Platinum fountain aerates the water below, floats on the top of your pool, and comes with multiple spray patterns.

Lighting up Your Waterscape

Since summer is here, best practices dictate running fountains at night to conserve energy. But how will people see it? Light up your fountain with a light kit. Add a soft display of white lights by purchasing a rock bottom add-on that holds lights that point up and shine on your water display while it’s working the night shift. Air-O-Lator light kits come in a couple of options:

  • Soft white: A classic white light is perfect for a cozy waterscape or to dress up your fountain at night.
  • Colors: Colored lenses add a playful display to your fountain. You can purchase both red and blue color lenses with your light kit.

Still can’t decide which aerating or decorative fountain works best for your golf course?

Call today and talk through your options with an Air-O-Lator expert.