Air-O-Lator Corporation Goes Solar

  • April 25, 2019

The fountain manufacturer partnered with Franklin Electric Motors to offer solar-powered products.

GRANDVIEW, Mo., April 25, 2019—As the seasons change to sunny days, the Air-O-Lator Corporation is partnering with Franklin Electric Motors to harness that sunshine.

With the use of Franklin Electric Motors’ submersible variable speed motors and the Franklin Electric “Fhoton” Solar Drive, Air-O-Lator now offers solar-powered products. The new solar system will be able to harness sun rays to operate aerators, de-icers, fountains and Enterprise units using a unique Franklin Electric Motor and DC to AC converter.

“Now, applications that were prohibitive due to the electrical supply or costly to have a power supply installed can have aerators, fountains, de-icers, and an aspirating system,” Roy Watkins, Air-O-Lator CEO said. “Often, these systems are costly to ship, but we now have systems that can operate on solar power—a source of energy that everyone has access to.”

The motors and converters are available only in 3/4 horsepower, 100 volts, 3-phase and 1.5 horsepower, 200 volts, 3-phase. The units are built the same as Air-O-Lator’s standard units except for the unique motor. Units are equipped with a  DC to AC converter to convert the DC power to AC power from the solar arrays to operate the motor. This system is designed to only operate during sunny to partly sunny days. There are no battery backups.

For assistance in selecting the appropriate product for an application, customers can contact Air-O-Lator’s water management experts at or call 1-800-821-3177 during business hours.