Air-O-Lator Debuts Nu-Wave Fountain for Shallow Water

  • March 21, 2019

Fountain manufacturer reveals the newest fountain for shallow water, no electricity needed.

GRANDVIEW, Mo., March 21, 2019—The water and wastewater management experts at Air-O-Lator recently revealed their latest addition to an extensive line of Font’N-Aire fountains.

The Nu-Wave decorative floating fountain system is designed for applications where electrical power entering the water is prohibited or undesired. This fountain is designed to operate without an electrical motor or wire in the water. It can also run in shallow water conditions in as little as nine inches of water depth.

How It Works  

The Nu-Wave is designed with very shallow applications in mind. Water is pumped from the body of water through a centrifugal pump and then back to the fountain through a two-inch flexible hose. The Nu-Wave has no moving parts that can become fouled from debris, so there’s no need for electricity to enter the body of water and thereby no possibility of clogging.

This new fountain system opens up many possibilities not previously offered in Air-O-Lator’s high-performing fountain line. The Nu-Wave is perfect for very shallow irrigation ponds, stormwater retention ponds, ponds with heavy debris, swimming areas, or any application where electricity is prohibited or not desired.


The Nu-Wave fountain consists of a float, a mounting disc, a two-inch hose adaptor, a water plenum and one of Air-O-Lator’s standard five decorative nozzles ($750.00 list-price). The design incorporates a transfer pump located outside of the body of water. The pump will pull water from the pond/lake and then pump it back through a flexible hose connected to the fountain providing the fountain spray pattern of their choice. Customers can choose from a Diana, Galaxy, Northstar, Nova, or Solace nozzle and can use their pump and hoses or purchase Air-O-Lator’s optional accessories to complete their fountain system.


The Nu-Wave Font’N-Aire can come with optional accessories if desired, including a two horsepower, 115/230 volt, 1 phase transfer pump, a two-inch check valve with a screen, two-inch schedule 40 flexible PVC intake hose and two-inch flexible output hose from the pump to the fountain.

For assistance in selecting and sizing the appropriate product for an application, customers can contact Air-O-Lator’s water management experts at or call 1-800-821-3177 during business hours.