Pond De-Icer Ice-Away Defeats Old Man Winter

  • January 14, 2016

So far, this winter has been mild with breaking warm temperatures across the nation. Due to the unseasonal weather, many ponds and lakes have not frozen over. Here in the Midwest where Air-O-Lator is headquartered, we have experienced severe storms and heavy rains. Rivers and lakes have flooded and are still above flood stage. Video of damage to properties as well as footage of docks with boats still in the slips seen floating in the middle of the Lake of the Ozarks is all over the Web.

Even though we have had several days with mild temperatures, we are not out of Old Man Winter’s grasp. Freezing temperatures are in the forecast and in those flooded areas, even if the water begins to freeze and the water levels recede –  ice damage will occur. Don’t be caught without an Ice-Away Pond De-icer to keep water circulating and ice from forming.

How does a pond de-icer work?

With Air-O-Lator’s scientifically engineered high-speed propeller, the Ice Away lifts 500 gallons of water per minute upward to the surface, simultaneously drawing the warmer water from below. The uniquely designed diffuser/motor mount redirects the water flow outward creating a larger area of coverage.

The Ice-Away De-icer is capable of keeping an 8-foot diameter area of open water for every foot of propeller depth. The average suspended depth is approximately 5 feet up to a maximum of 8 feet.*

With the optional float, the Ice Away can be used in ponds or lakes to keep areas open for ducks, geese and other waterfowl as well as keeping an open area for fish to prevent winter fish kills.

*Performance specifications are gained from empirical data in average conditions where useable heat in the water is adequate.