Air-O-Lator: Made in America for over 45 years

  • August 15, 2013

Air-O-Lator Corporation has been a manufacturer of water and wastewater equipment since 1967. Since that time, Kansas City has been the headquarters for building complete lines of surface and sub-surface aerators, floating and non-floating fountains, floating and non-floating aspirating and submersible mixers for lagoons, ponds, lakes, and water treatment plants.

The 22,000-square-foot facility constructs products for delivery around the world. Meeting the Federal Trade Commission’s standard for “Made in America”, the Missouri complex includes a machine shop, welding shop, paint shop, and a 50,000-gallon tank for testing and research/development. Repairs and maintenance are also completed at the location.

Sales and customer service are onsite to assist clients with sizing and selecting the best product(s) for any application, from fish farming to commercial sewage plants, as well as any troubleshooting.

With the purpose to improve, maintain, conserve and beautify water resources, Air-O-Lator’s equipment fits almost every application without special modifications. Custom design work is available, if necessary.