Selecting the Right Fountain and Horsepower

  • June 26, 2017

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Fountains are an excellent addition to a body of water, keeping the water healthy and visually appealing. But choosing the right fountain can be a little overwhelming. Consider these tips when selecting a fountain:

Aerating vs. Decorative Fountains

There are two types of fountains, high-volume fountains for aeration and high-pressure for more decorative displays. A high-volume fountain will propel a large volume of water into the air which will transfer and mix oxygen into the body of water. The high-pressure or display fountain is simply for aesthetic purposes because it does not move a large enough volume of water into the air to sufficiently increase oxygen levels to improve water quality. Consult a clean water specialist at Air-O-Lator to find out which fountain your body of water requires.

Ask yourself, what is the primary function of the fountain? Is it for display or aeration?

If your primary purpose is aeration, the Air-O-Lator Font’N-Aire Ready or Platinum Carnival propeller pump high volume fountain would be our recommendation.

If your primary purpose is for a display fountain, the Air-O-Lator Font’N-Aire Legacy, Ready or Platinum centrifugal pump fountains would add a dynamic water display to your pond.If you’re unsure whether you want just a display fountain or a fountain and aerator combo, check out the Font’N-Aire Ready and Platinum. The Ready and Platinum fountains can be easily converted from a high-volume aerating fountain to a high-pressure display fountain, allowing you the flexibility of having both in one unit.

Our aerating fountains keep water healthy and clean.
Find the ideal display fountain for you! Check out the Air-O-Lator Font'N-Aire line.

Surface Area, Shape, and Depth

When selecting a fountain for aeration you must first determine the surface area of your pond. As a basic rule, we recommend selecting a fountain that will produce a pumping volume of 800 to 1,000 gallons per minute per surface acre.

Second, what is the shape of your pond? Round, oval, rectangular or another shape? Round and oval-shaped ponds will provide better fluid movement throughout the pond. Rectangular or irregular shaped ponds may require multiple units to provide proper mixing and oxygen dispersion.

Thirdly, what is the depth of water where the fountain will be operating? Depending on the horsepower selected there is a minimum operating depth requirement.


When selecting a fountain for a display purpose it is still important to know the dimensions, shape, and depth of the pond. The larger the horsepower the bigger the display. Air-O-Lator has five (5) display nozzles available and you will want to match the spray pattern to the horsepower for the height and diameter of the display. Do not select a spray pattern that will spray the water outside of the pond. Also, make sure you have the water depth required for the horsepower selected.

Electrical Service

The electrical service and location near your body of water will have a direct impact on what product and horsepower you can select. It may be beneficial and helpful to consult a licensed electrician.

Determine what electrical service you have (voltage 115 or 230) and what phase of power is available (single or three). Find out where your electrical service is located related to the pond and what the distance is from the water.

Air-O-Lator’s line of fountains can operate on 115 volts, 1 phase on the “Legacy” fountain. The “Ready” is available in 230 volts, 1 phase only and the “Platinum” is available in 230 volts, 1 phase or 3 phase.

For more advice on what fountain to choose for your body of water, contact a fountain expert at Air-O-Lator.