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Keep Your Pond Thriving In The Winter

It’s hard to believe but we’re already at the time of year when the leaves fall off the trees and the sweaters come out of hibernation. As the cool weather blows in, the natural process in your pond also begins to come to a halt. In order to keep...
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The Ice-Away De-Icer

As the temperature drops and frost begins to take over, it’s crucial for pond owners to equip their ponds with the right tools to combat the icy grasp of winter. If you’re thinking, “How can I keep my pond free from ice this winter?” fear not, Air-O-Lator has the...
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Proactive Winter Pond Care with Air-O-Lator’s De-icers

As the days grow shorter and the temperature drops, pond owners face a common challenge of how to care for their beloved water features during the harsh winter months. Winter pond maintenance is crucial to preserve the health of aquatic ecosystems and prevent ice-related issues. Explore the art of...
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How to Avoid a Winter Fish Kill?

As the winter season gets closer, many places will see colder weather close to or even below freezing. Around this time, pond owners everywhere should start getting ready for the coming colder months. Fish are delicate creatures vulnerable to cold, particularly temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. You will experience...
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Helping Your Pond Survive Winter

When fountains and ponds freeze over, they are actually quite a sight. The icicles that can form and the ice over the pond can have beautiful aesthetics when the light hits just right. While this works great for a yard display if you have aquatic life that you’re trying...
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Why is the Ice-Away De-Icer a Good Choice?

The Ice-Away De-Icer from Outdoor Water Solutions is a must-have item for those who own a pond. The de-icing process is important when those freezing temperatures hit your area. If the outside air reads 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your waters will usually be warmer at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However,...
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What to do With Your Pond During Freezing Temperatures

As the fall season begins, the winter season won’t be too far behind. Some areas begin to see freezing temperatures as soon as October. When caring for a pond, it’s essential to know when those freezing temperatures will arrive in your area. Why does this matter? Well, freezing air...
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The Triad: An All-in-One Aerator, Mixer, De-Icer

The months ahead will usher in a series of changing climates, and we’re not just talking about politics, a global pandemic, or the midwest weather cycle. That’s why we made the Triad. Customers wanted an application that could have multiple uses as seasons changed. Adaptability is king in our...
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How To Thaw Out Your Dock Using Your Deicer

There’s Still Time To Order Your De-Icer  We get photos like this all the time—docks completely blocked in with ice. Ice can do more damage than you anticipate. Though we recommend getting your deicer before the winter sets in, the good news is that deicers can come to the...
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