What to do With Your Pond During Freezing Temperatures

  • October 17, 2022
What to do With Your Pond During Freezing Temperatures - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

As the fall season begins, the winter season won’t be too far behind. Some areas begin to see freezing temperatures as soon as October. When caring for a pond, it’s essential to know when those freezing temperatures will arrive in your area. Why does this matter? Well, freezing air temperatures can affect your water to the point of freezing your pond, potentially kill your fish. So let’s review what you should do with your pond during freezing temperatures.

Knowing the Weather

The first thing to do is stay informed about the weather. Then, make sure you have a plan for those long days of cold weather. If you see that you’re in for a long stretch of freezing temps, it’s time to take action. You should be okay if you’re only looking at a day or two of freezing temperatures. However, if the weather calls for a sustained deep freeze, you need to consider how to properly care for your fish. You will need to take extra steps to keep them safe and healthy.

How Can Cold Weather Harm Your Fish?

As water cools, it can cause a pond turnover where low oxygen water from the bottom mixes in with the surface water.  This can cause a low oxygen condition that can kill fish.  A layer of ice on the surface can also cause a fish kill if the sunlight cannot penetrate thru.  Some type of bottom diffused or surface aeration can help prevent both of these fish loss issues.

Using a Deicer

It’s ideal to prepare your pond ahead of time. Investing in a deicer is a great idea to keep your waters from freezing. Outdoor Water Solutions offers the Ice-Away De-Icer, which works by pushing water upwards as it draws warmer water from deep in the pond. This keeps a constant water flow in the pond, preventing a complete freeze. The Ice-Away De-Icer boasts an eco-friendly motor, a stainless-steel Franklin Electric submersible motor, a foul-resistant propeller, and more.  It is a submersible de-icer for handing below a dock or you can add a float and put it anywhere.

Protecting Your Fish

Fish are delicate creatures that can quickly die if not cared for properly. Stress is one of the main effects that can cause harm to your fish. Because of this reason, we recommend leaving your fish in your pond even in freezing weather. You just need to ensure the ice stays open.