The Triad: An All-in-One Aerator, Mixer, De-Icer

  • January 29, 2021
The Triad: An All-in-One Aerator, Mixer, De-Icer - Air-O-Lator

The months ahead will usher in a series of changing climates, and we’re not just talking about politics, a global pandemic, or the midwest weather cycle. That’s why we made the Triad. Customers wanted an application that could have multiple uses as seasons changed. Adaptability is king in our business. 

The Triad is a high volume, low-profile aerating display aerator with a submersible mixer and de-icing mounting kit. Yes, you read that right. It does it all, AND you can buy it online. 

Because of its adaptability, the Triad is an excellent fit for ponds, lakes, stormwater retention lagoons, wastewater lagoons, marinas, irrigation ponds and lakes, aquaculture ponds, tanks, or any application where aeration and mixing are needed. 

A powerhouse of a machine, the Triad can produce oxygen transfer rates from 2.3 lbs. to 3.0 lbs. per hour and has a mixing volume of 500 to 1475 gallons per minute, providing increased dispersion and mixing zone. Its nimble configuration makes it easy to install and clean as you take care of it throughout the seasons. 

With the de-icer attachment, you can install the Triad in your pond today and have clear water in hours. As the spring storms roll in, use the mixer to keep debris from settling into your pond. And when the summer sun beats down on your water, keep algae away by using the low-profile aerator for a picturesque fountain that looks as good as it works. 

Our Triad is available to shop online too. You can choose your horsepower and cord length and have it shipped to your door. If you’re unsure how the Triad will fit into your pond, lagoon, or lake, our aeration experts are just a phone call away. 

If you need assistance in selecting and sizing the appropriate product for your application, please contact us at or call 1-800-821-3177. Our business hours are 8 AM to 4:30 PM CST.