Why is the Ice-Away De-Icer a Good Choice?

  • October 21, 2022
Why is the Ice-Away De-Icer a Good Choice? - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

The Ice-Away De-Icer from Outdoor Water Solutions is a must-have item for those who own a pond. The de-icing process is important when those freezing temperatures hit your area. If the outside air reads 32 degrees Fahrenheit, your waters will usually be warmer at about 40 degrees Fahrenheit. However, if you experience a prolonged freeze or even a relatively fast deep freeze, it won’t take long to reach those freezing temperatures in the water if it gets colder. It is important to invest in a  de-icer if your winters tend to run in freezing temperatures for long periods at a time. This is where the Ice-Away De-Icer comes in to help.

The Features

The purpose of any de-icer is to prevent ice from forming in your pond. Therefore, it’s ideal for keeping ice away around your pond, including the docks, shoreline, and surrounding landscape. Freezing and thawing ice can damage the floats on docks and also damage boats and the lifts that protect them over the winter.

The Ice-Away De-Icer comes with many useful features that will keep ice from your pond. Moreover, it is also eco-friendly with its submersible motor and design. The motor does not use oil to operate, and its submersible feature keeps it from freezing over as opposed to other options that sit on the dock.

The De-Icing Process

Many think a de-icer warms the waters in your pond to keep them from freezing. However, our de-icer works in a completely different way. The de-icer keeps the water flow in your pond constantly moving, which prevents ice from forming. The diffuser creates large volumes of water moving it toward an exclusive flow, which would be in a vertical direction. This movement helps keep your pond water from freezing.

The Benefits of Keeping Your Pond Safe

The main goal of using a de-icer is to keep your pond life well and thriving during the winter weather. Deeper ponds will have warmer waters where fish can live. On the other hand, shallow ponds will tend to freeze much more quickly. The Ice-Away De-Icer generates a vertical flow of water to keep the surface from freezing over. A frozen pond will prevent air from escaping, resulting in trapped gases. These gases will harm your fish, killing them off as these trapped gases stay stuck in the water.

The Ice-Away De-Icer can also push decaying plants and other vegetation away from your pond and docks. So if you want to keep your pond life thriving even in freezing weather, the Ice-Away De-Icer is the right investment.