The Ice-Away De-Icer

  • October 24, 2023
The Ice-Away De-Icer - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

As the temperature drops and frost begins to take over, it’s crucial for pond owners to equip their ponds with the right tools to combat the icy grasp of winter. If you’re thinking, “How can I keep my pond free from ice this winter?” fear not, Air-O-Lator has the perfect solution! The Ice-Away De-Icer, a marvel of innovation, is not just any old pond de-icer, it’s the best pond de-icer you could ask for. 

But what sets the Ice-Away De-Icer apart from the rest? The Ice-Away De-Icer, developed in 1967, is eco-friendly and scientifically engineered to lift 500 gallons of water per minute! Whether you’re a novice pond enthusiast or a seasoned pond owner, understanding the need for a de-icer for pond could be the difference between having a healthy pond or a pond nightmare come springtime. 

Efficiency in Every Ripple

When it comes to having the best pond de-icer, efficiency is key. The Ice-Away De-Icer is meticulously crafted, and designed to swiftly eliminate ice and maintain an optimal water temperature. It is also eco-friendly, meaning, no harm will come to your pond life! Our pond de-icer is also oil-free and has a stainless steel Franklin Electric submersible water-cooled motor. It works silently beneath the surface, ensuring that your pond life is safe and comfortable. Another reason why you should choose the Ice-away De-icer for your pond, is there are no seals or bearings to maintain, making this product practically maintenance-free! 

In addition to the advantages that the Ice-Away De-Icer possesses, there are also a number of optional equipment products that help the de-icer  for ponds be more productive. These optional products include a Flotation Kit, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter 115-Volt, Propeller Guard, Supper Tube, and more! While these products aren’t necessary for the success of the Ice-Away De-Icer, they can enhance the overall durability. Depending on your unique ice removal needs for your pond, choosing from the optional equipment can be beneficial, rather than using the de-icer alone. 

Placement Equals Optimal Results

The ideal placement for the best pond de-icer is at the center of the pond, equidistant from all its edges. This strategic placement ensures optimal circulation and heat distribution, preventing the formation of ice in a uniform manner. Placing the pond de-icer at the center allows it to break up ice as it forms, creating a small opening that facilitates gas exchange, crucial for the survival of pond life during winter months. 

Additionally, placing the de-icer in the middle prevents ice from forming a solid barrier between different parts of the pond, ensuring that all areas have access to oxygen and preventing the pond from becoming stagnant. Proper aeration and circulation are essential for maintaining a healthy pond ecosystem, and by positioning the de-icer for pond at the center, these vital processes can occur efficiently, safeguarding both the aquatic life and the overall ecosystem of the pond.

Embrace the Magic of the De-Icer!

Don’t let your pond succumb to winter’s icy grasp. Embrace the magic of Air-O-Lator’ Ice-Away De-Icer, the best pond de-icer in the market. Let your pond be a testament to the wonders of nature, even in the face of winter’s challenges. For more information on the Ice-Away De-Icer, contact Air-O-Lator or call 866.471.1614 today. Our team of pond experts are here to assist you with any questions you may have!