Aquaculture: Auburn University Continues Long Relationship with Air-O-Lator

  • June 25, 2015

Auburn University Fisheries in Gulf Shores choose Air-O-Lator Aquarian surface aerators for their shrimp production research facility.

The aquaculture aerator is a floating surface aerator specifically designed to increase oxygen levels in aquaculture applications. Proper aeration is essential for successful fish farming. Matching the right aeration system to your aquaculture operation makes all the difference when it comes to productivity, fish quality, and a healthy environment.

Air-O-Lator has been providing Aquarian Aquaculture surface aerators to Auburn University fisheries since the 1980’s. With a recommendation from the University, coupled with an unsuccessful experience using a competitor’s product, the Gulf Shores facility chose Air-O-Lator to meet their water aeration needs.

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