Waterscaping 101: Adding Decorative Outdoor Fountains to Your Landscape

  • April 27, 2017

As spring blooms and grows around us, so does our landscaping list. While trees, flowers, and foliage may be the traditional approach to beautification, the developing trend of waterscaping may be at the top of this year’s project list.

Waterscaping, much like landscaping, is the careful curation of a beautiful waterscape instead of or in addition to a landscape. Often appearing in the form of decorative fountains or waterfalls, waterscaping elevates a property, adding a dynamic addition to the landscape.

Fountains, like Air-O-Lator’s Font N’Aire line, provide not only a vibrant water display but also a healthy solution to maintaining a pond’s ecosystem. Fountains add air into the body of water by spraying the water into the air and then mixing the water back into the body of water, which keeps the process of aeration going, thus keeping the pond healthy.

Air-O-Lator’s decorative outdoor fountain line provides a variety of sprays and aeration choices for anyone wishing to add to their waterscape.

Choosing the right fountain or aerator for your waterscape greatly depends on the application and what aesthetic you hope to accomplish.

If you’re unsure of whether your body of water requires an aerator, a fountain, or both, consult an Air-O-Lator expert today.

Gulf Stream: For Dramatic Effect

Designed to be placed on the bottom of the pool, this shallow water decorative fountain sprays a vertical column of water into the air. Because the Gulf Stream is placed on the bottom of the pool, instead of floating on top like the other Font’ N-Aire fountains, the Gulf Stream Font’ N-Aire fountain is able to operate in as little as eleven inches of water.

Additionally, the Gulf Stream fountain can operate multiple nozzles on a single unit with a variety of spray patterns for dynamic water display.

Font’ N-Aire: Your Essential Fountain

Your basic fountain needs will easily be met with any fountain from the Air-O-Lator Font N’ Aire decorative fountain line. The decorative fountains—Legacy, Ready, Platinum, and Gulf Stream—utilize a centrifugal pump that pulls liquid in from under the surface of the water, then pushes it through a nozzle creating beautiful spray patterns. Our aerating fountains are engineered to improve oxygen levels and water quality. All fountains are equipped with an energy efficient and eco-friendly motor, a ground fault circuit interrupter and a time clock.

The Font’ N-Aire line provides the powerful combination of dynamic spray patterns with easy installation for your pond.

Aquarian Surface Aerators: For Water Wildlife

If you have a pond inhabited by water wildlife, like fish, an Aquarian surface aerator is a perfect solution. Surface aerators are designed to ensure quality water management for ponds, lakes and lagoons. When these devices are properly installed and maintained, aerators can ensure proper aeration, thereby keeping water fresh, vibrant and healthy.

If you’re looking to aerate a small or large body of water while still having a surface fountain-like display, the Aquarian Professional Surface Aerator is a great choice. It produces a high volume of water into the air using an aerating fountain nozzle which produces a low-profile spray pattern.

Good water management means protecting water so that people, as well as the environment, do not suffer. Today’s modern surface aerators are energy-efficient, highly effective and affordable. Best of all, surface aerators can be installed with minimal disruption and in a short amount of time.