Testimonial: Eastern Environmental Systems uses Air-O-Lator to Stay Energy Efficient and Save Capital Costs

  • January 18, 2014

Since 1961, Air-O-Lator Corporation has been manufacturing products that improve water quality and beautification. Over the years, many water and wastewater clients have remained loyal to Air-O-Lator because of excellent products that deliver results and service. Once such client is Bill Whitehead of Eastern Environmental Systems.

“We’ve been working with Air-O-Lator since 1980,” Whitehead said. “Their equipment is an excellent fit for many types of applications that we do.” Eastern Environmental Systems has utilized Air-O-Lator mixers and aspirators on projects in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, and Arizona, just to name a few.

A large poultry processor in Delaware installed the Enterprise Aspirating Mixer in wastewater tanks. The units deliver air four feet below the surface, mixing the water and keeping the odor down. Whitehead said that another solution would have cost three times more in capital costs plus used five times more energy.

The Enterprise II is an energy and cost-efficient option for aerating and mixing. The unit yields increased airflow, pumpage rate, and thrust, plus it is easy to install. The advantages are important because, in water treatment, an aspirating mixer must introduce and mix air into the water at a high volume in order to metabolize present aerobic microorganisms.

Air-O-Lator President Roy Watkins explained that the Enterprise II uses a high volume, axial flow, propeller pump design that operates within a close tolerance throat.

“The water that is propelled from the throat and forced through a specially designed Venturi Nozzle more than doubles the velocity of the fluid pumped. This causes a low-pressure area to occur at the air intake,” Watkins said. “With tremendous force, the liquid and air converge at the Venturi Nozzle and air delivery tube, discharging a homogenous mix of rapidly moving aerated liquid.”

Air-O-Lator equipment is manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri.

Whitehead said that “Made in the USA” is important to him and to his customers. “Completely built in the USA is becoming a rarity,” he emphasized.

The Enterprise is appropriate for aeration and directional flow mixing of all types of ponds, lakes, and water impoundments. Because of that, it’s a product that serves a number of different industries: irrigation, wastewater treatment, stormwater management, fish farming, ranching, and agriculture.