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DeepAire Aerator: User-friendly, Environmentally Safe and Modular  

Air-O-Lator Corporation’s Deep Aire aerator product line is another tool that conserves water, improves quality, and organically brings about a beautiful water system. With a robust product line including both surface and sub-surface aerators, Air-O-Lator provides time-tested expertise in pond and lake management. Any Air-O-Lator floating fountain or surface...
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Case Study: Kawasaki finds success with Air-O-Lator mixer/aspirator

Sometimes the fix for one problem creates another. After the Kawasaki plant in Maryville, MO, added a small processing plant to meet wastewater effluent discharge requirements, aeration and mixing of the water were needed. Air-O-Lator supplied two, 7.5 horsepower, Enterprise II aspirating mixers to solve the issue, maintaining aerobic...
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We are the pond experts

For over 40 years, the Air-O-Lator has been manufacturing Electric Aerators, Solar Pond Aerators, Aerating Fountain, Display Fountains, Surface Aeration, De-Icer, Mixers, and more for water treatment. If you have pond questions, product inquiries or questions about your Air-O-Lator product, please contact us.