Portable Floating Surface Aerators: A Natural Solution

  • February 22, 2017

Last September, we were contacted by a wastewater management and sanitation client that had been directed to clean up a major environmentally hazardous oil spill located in an east coast national forest. The spill contaminated several lakes and streams with over 7,000 gallons of refined gasoline and was contaminating two major lakes in the area that our client had been directed to reduce the contamination levels within acceptable discharge levels.  

Our clients’ requirements, due to the remote location and critical time limits, were for several portable floating surface aerators that could be operated on a portable generator and needed them immediately. Our Aquarian Professional floating surface aerators were an ideal fit for this urgent situation.

Within 48 hours, Air-O-Lator shipped several Aquarian Professional aerators to the client. After just a couple of days, all the aerators were installed and operating properly and within hours of operation, the contamination levels were being reduced. A few days later our client reported discharge limits within NPDES requirements, oxygen levels had increased. Consequently, turbidity had also stabilized below discharge limits.

Our Aquarian Professional aerators are the most efficient floating surface aerators on the market. The Professional propels a high volume of water into the atmosphere producing high oxygen transfer and mixing within the body of water. The Professional aerators are designed for ease of installation and removal, making them ideal for many applications from aquaculture to waste and environmental treatment.

To find out how your pond or small body of water could benefit from one of our high-performing aerators, email sales@airolator.com or call 1-800-821-3177.