Making the Most of Your Spring Tune-Up

  • May 7, 2014

The way to achieve a balanced aquatic ecosystem begins with aeration and water movement. Your Air-O-Lator equipment is engineered to provide high oxygen rates as well as moving large volumes of water.

Keep your Air-O-Lator fountains and aerators in tip-top shape with regular maintenance and tune-ups. Prior to installing your unit each spring, a regular tune-up is recommended to inspect moving parts for balance, damage, wear and tear.

Over time, the motor or propeller/impeller can wear and become out of balance due to unseen abrasives in the water. Operating an aerator or fountain with a worn propeller will reduce performance and cause poor operating conditions, which could lead to premature motor failure.

For customers that live in areas where a year-round operation of aerators and fountains is practical, spring is also recommended as the time to service continually operating equipment.

Spring Tune-Up Kits are now available for all aerator and fountain models.