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How to Keep Pests Out of My Pond?

Ponds can be a popular tourist destination. Additionally, it might draw a variety of animals to your brand-new pond. Some animals may be a pleasant sight, while others may be an issue. We’ll talk about some ways to keep unwanted pests out of your pond in this article. By...
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Should I avoid getting leaves in my pond?

The weather changes a lot in autumn. This beautiful season offers a breath of fresh air with its changing colors, cooler temperatures, and falling leaves. However, maintaining your pond is also essential as the leaves begin to fall everywhere. Overflowing leaves can contribute to the formation of pond muck,...
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Why Should I Keep Leaves Out of My Pond?

Fall is here and pond enthusiasts everywhere can agree that we could do without the falling leaves. It can be a big headache if you’re trying to keep your pond clean. The task can seem impossible, especially if your pond is surrounded by trees. What can you do? The...
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How Do I Get Rid of Green Pond Water?

Seeing your pond covered in green can be an aggravating sight. It can be especially frustrating if you’ve tried many ways to get rid of the green in your pond without any success. What works? What doesn’t? It is important to know the reasons behind the green color showing...
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Proper Fish Maintenance for Small Ponds

No matter the size, ponds are great complements to any landscape. But, does that hold true for fish? Well, although some may think you may be limited on the types of fish you want to stock in a small pond, the fact is that you can stock bigger fish...
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Five Consistent Fundamentals of Pond Maintenance

When it comes to pond maintenance, several factors play a role. Many people look at a pond and don’t realize how much work it takes to maintain a pond adequately. However, if you’re a pond enthusiast, you know ponds need a lot of care. Each pond is unique, and...
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Do ponds really need to maintain oxygen levels? 

BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! BREAKING NEWS! Recent scientific research at the University of Stark in Winterfell has determined that it is no longer necessary to maintain oxygen levels and water movement in ponds, lakes, or any water impoundment, to provide sustainable water quality for aquatic life and organic decomposition....
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All You Need to Know About Aquarian Aerators 

Sustainable water management means ensuring that our ponds and lakes are getting a healthy amount of oxygenation, especially for water wildlife living nearby or in our ponds. The best solution for this is an aquarian aerator. Our aerators move water from the bottom of your pond to the top, generating...
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Fall Maintenance Tips: Cleaning your fountains

As we progress into fall, remember to keep an eye on your equipment. The shifting weather can sometimes affect your pond aeration fountains. Fall is a great time to bring your equipment out of the water and clean it before the winter comes. How to Clean Your Fountains Power Down...
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Easy Summer Maintenance for Your Fountains

Although we’re pretty big fans of a good spring cleaning around here, a summer maintenance clean doesn’t hurt either. Remove Debris and Manage Algae With the number of summer storms we’ve had this year, it would be wise to take the time to remove pond debris. This will help your...
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