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Dive Into Air-O-Lator’s Pond Fish Feeder Collection

When it comes to the health of the fish in your pond, having the best fish feeder makes all the difference. Ensuring your fish receive the right nutrition is essential for their growth, health, and overall vitality. Our pond experts at Air-O-Lator understand the significance of proper feeding, which...
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Enhance Family Fun with a DIY Dock for Your Pond

Introduction : Transforming your pond into a recreational oasis, a DIY dock brings numerous benefits for the entire family. Discover how the 10’x10′ Swim Platform or Dock from Air-O-Lator offers an affordable and versatile solution, amplifying the enjoyment and functionality of your pond. Embrace the possibilities and start creating...
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Enhancing Your Fishing Experience: The Benefits of Adding a Fish Attractor

To enhance your fishing endeavors, consider the game-changing addition of a fish attractor to your favorite fishing spot. Specifically designed to improve fish habitat and concentrate fish in a targeted area, fish attractors can transform your fishing experience. This article delves into the many benefits of incorporating a fish...
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Benefits of Solar Aeration For Farm Ponds

Farm ponds can provide several benefits to farmers, including irrigation, livestock watering, and fish farming. However, maintaining the quality of the water in these ponds can be a challenge. Farm ponds can suffer from low oxygen levels without proper aeration, leading to algae growth, foul odors, and even fish...
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Step-by-Step Instructions to Pick the Right Fountain

Fountains are excellent complements for any pond. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and some provide aeration. When you’re in the market for a new pond fountain, seeing the wide range of options can be overwhelming. It can be challenging to choose the right one to accommodate your...
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How to Keep Pests Away from My Pond

Ponds can perfectly complement any landscape. It enhances the beauty and tranquility you want to achieve. However, you must prevent pests from entering your pond if you’re going to preserve its beauty and healthy aquatic life. Mosquitoes, geese, possums, raccoons, and others are examples of this. So, what methods...
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An Adaptable Aspirator for All Seasons

Air-O-Lator’s aspirators are ideal for aeration, mixing, and de-icing.  The Enterprise is part of our Aspirators line. Aspirators are used to provide horizontal directional flow, aeration, and mixing. They are fantastic energy and cost-efficient solutions for mixing and help to increase flow and oxygen levels and improve water quality...
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We are the pond experts

For over 40 years, the Air-O-Lator has been manufacturing Electric Aerators, Solar Pond Aerators, Aerating Fountain, Display Fountains, Surface Aeration, De-Icer, Mixers, and more for water treatment. If you have pond questions, product inquiries or questions about your Air-O-Lator product, please contact us.