How to Keep Pests Away from My Pond

  • December 14, 2022
How to Keep Pests Away from My Pond - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

Ponds can perfectly complement any landscape. It enhances the beauty and tranquility you want to achieve. However, you must prevent pests from entering your pond if you’re going to preserve its beauty and healthy aquatic life. Mosquitoes, geese, possums, raccoons, and others are examples of this. So, what methods can you use to keep those pests out of your pond? Let’s discuss some helpful suggestions.

Protect Your Fish

Having fish in your pond can make them vulnerable to various predators. In particular, raccoons and herons are intelligent animals that can catch and consume your fish. Using plants to cover your pond is one way to keep these critters from eating your fish or keep their numbers down. These pests can be controlled by providing your fish with natural cover in the pond. Your fish can hide deep in the water beneath these plants or even behind rocks.

How Pond Dye Works

Pond dye not only gets rid of algae but also keeps pests out of your pond. When you tint your pond, a dark color obscures the surface view. A dark blue color or a mix of colors are available to you. If you already have a problem with predators in your pond, like snapping turtles, it would be best to remove them safely. When it comes to snapping turtles, hand removal is the last thing you want to do. Putting a turtle in a trap is your best bet. Bating the snare with fish or meat will bait the turtle into the snare for simple removal.

Adding Decoys

When a decoy is well-placed, animals typically avoid a pond. You now have a few options to use as decoys. Begin with decoy floating alligator heads. This will keep away geese and other small animals, such as birds, that try to get close to your pond. Second, you can protect your fish by using a heron decoy or natural cover. Finally, remember to strategically place your baits to ward off predators and other unwanted pests, regardless of the material you choose for your pond.

Aeration of the Pond to Control Mosquitoes A mosquito is one of the most dreadful creatures that can be found in a pond. Therefore, a pond aeration system must be installed to repel mosquitoes. An aeration system will keep the water moving, preventing mosquitoes from gathering because mosquitoes are drawn to stagnant water. To learn more about aeration systems, click here.

Keeping Away the Smaller Pests

Maintenance is the most important way to keep pests away from your pond. For instance, if you have a problem with aquatic leaf beetles, you must get rid of any dead foliage in the fall and spring. Another kind of pest that likes greens and plant sap is the aphid. You can kill the aphids by spraying them with water, but you can also use ladybugs to eat them.