Case Study: How a Deep Aeration System Keeps Gamefish Happy & Healthy 

  • July 10, 2020
Case Study: How a Deep Aeration System Keeps Gamefish Happy & Healthy  - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

When Tom Hammer, Supervisor of Forestry and Water Quality at Shawnee County Parks and Recreation, noticed oxygen problems within the ponds, he knew he needed to get an aerator to ensure the fish living in the lakes were happy and healthy. Tom’s main concerns were the ponds at Central Park and Gage Park. He applied for a grant and contacted Air-O-Lator CEO Roy Watkins, who Tom had worked with on a previous project. 

“My first response was surface aerators like an Aquarian Professional,” Roy said. An Aquarian adds oxygen to the body of water. It creates surface mixing to keep the algae spread out, breaking down clumps of algae and mitigating the amount of surface coverage. However, Tom was not interested in the surface aerator solution because it required cables and electricity in the water. So Roy suggested a subsurface aerator, which operates without electricity in the water. This solution was also a better fit for Tom’s budget. Roy and his team installed a diffused aeration system. This allowed the pond to breathe a bit more, made it a cleaner experience for people fishing, and added beauty to the water.

“We carry 14 lines of products used to meet the requirements and needs of any application,” Roy said. “One product can’t always do everything.” 

Roy worked with Tom to find the right aerator for the right price and purpose. Tom outfitted the Gage Park pond with a Deep Aire aeration system and the Central Park pond with a Carnival fountain unit. 

“I’ve been pretty happy working with Roy, and I’ll continue to work with him as we need additional services,” Tom said. 

Gage Park

About Deep-Aire Aerators 

Deep-Aire Aerators (also called subsurface aerators or diffused aeration systems) are ideal for ponds that need oxygen continuously introduced into the water. They are designed to pull oxygen to a pond’s lowest depth and use an air compressor, which delivers oxygen through a hose to a diffuser lying on the bottom of the pond. Our subsurface aerators can be used with the Aquarian or Font’N-Aire product lines to provide an aeration option that is also a water feature. 

How It Works 

The Deep-Aire is a subsurface aeration system with a piston type air compressor, PVC air hose, and an air diffuser. It’s designed to improve oxygen levels and destratification in deep bodies of water.

The shore-mounted rocking piston compressor produces compressed air through a PVC air tube to a membrane diffuser located on the pond’s bottom. The compressed air is released into the water through the membrane diffuser releasing thousands of fine bubbles, which rise to the surface. As the bubbles of air rise, oxygen is transferred into the water. Simultaneously, as the bubbles rise, water is pulled upward, creating a flow of water from the pond’s bottom to the surface.

How do I know a Deep-Aire system is right for me? 

As with any fountain or aerator, you’ll need to consider the shape, surface area, and depth of your pond. The area of coverage increases the deeper the Deep-Aire system is located in the water. If you have a larger or irregularly shaped (think kidney, island, or peninsula-shaped) pond, you may need multiple diffusers to disperse the oxygen and adequately maintain a healthy ecosystem. 

Advantages of a Deep-Aire System 

  • No electricity required at the water’s edge. Your compressor needs electricity, but the compressor can be located wherever you desire.
  • No floating object on the water surface enabling you to go boating or fishing
  • Lower maintenance and service costs due to no moving parts in the water
  • Safer swimming. The Deep Aire system does not require electricity to be in the pond.
  • Eliminates thermal stratification, making it ideal for deep-water applications
  • One compressor aerates one long, narrow pond, or two small ponds
  • Improves water quality and clarity
  • Low operating cost

If you’re interested in how a Deep-Aire system can breathe oxygen into your pond, contact an Air-O-Lator expert today.

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