Case Study: Golf Course Fountains Add Aeration and Aesthetics 

  • July 10, 2020
Case Study: Golf Course Fountains Add Aeration and Aesthetics  - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

Since 1990, we’ve been working with Kerry Golden of the Shawnee County Parks & Rec Department. He works the Cypress Ridge and Lake Shawnee golf courses, which feature fountains that get a lot of compliments from players enjoying the green. In 2018, we installed a one horsepower Carnival for the Lake Shawnee Golf Course, and in 2019, we installed three one horsepower Aquarian aerators at Cypress Ridge Golf Club.

“I was pleased with Roy and what he did,” Kerry said. “I called Roy when one of the fountains wasn’t throwing out the right pattern. He came out and got it fixed.” 

The Lake Shawnee Golf Course fountains are located in a small pond on the property. “It’s an aesthetic thing, and it looks nice,” Kerry said. “It adds to the entrance to the golf course.” 

The Lake Shawnee Golf Course features three fountains in the irrigation pond as well. “It helps us out in the irrigation process and with the algae,” Kerry said. “They’re great for multiple purposes—for aesthetics and water quality and oxygen within the pond.” 

The most significant value was Air-O-Lator’s prompt service, Kerry said. “We got the products in a timely fashion, and Roy installed our fountains on a Saturday. We were short-handed, and he came down and took care of it.” 

“They’re durable fountains with little-to-no maintenance,” Kerry said. “We remove our fountains during the winter months, but you can leave them in there. It’s nice. And aesthetically, it’s something our players and visitors enjoy.”

Cypress Ridge


Lake Shawnee Golf Course

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