Why Should I Keep Leaves Out of My Pond?

  • November 30, 2022
Why Should I Keep Leaves Out of My Pond? - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

Fall is here and pond enthusiasts everywhere can agree that we could do without the falling leaves. It can be a big headache if you’re trying to keep your pond clean. The task can seem impossible, especially if your pond is surrounded by trees. What can you do? The critical thing to remember is that you won’t keep every single leaf from falling into your pond. However, you can minimize the amounts of leaves that do fall into the waters.

What Happens Without Proper Cleanup?

As temps drop in the fall and winter months, the good bacteria in your pond will slow down. This means that when temperatures drop below 50 degrees Fahrenheit in your pond, the bacteria will stop breaking down organic materials, such as leaves. As time passes, the leaves will begin to waste away and decay. Without proper care or help cleaning up these leaves, you will surely see pond muck appear. Along with other organic materials in the pond, algae can also begin to form in the waters. Notably, our surface aerators include optional propellor guards to keep leaves and other rubbish out of your aerator.

Raking is Critical

One of the most important things you can do is rake up those leaves. Make an effort to fish out any leaves you see floating on the pond’s surface. You can also use a skimmer. However, rakes would work best to get to the leaves deep in the pond. You can rake around your pond to prevent leaves from reaching the water. Any little wind will surely blow leaves into your pond. If you don’t clear out those leaves, they will build up, creating ice. The results will be poor water quality, trapped gases beneath the ice, and diminishing oxygen levels.

Aeration Makes a Difference

As a general rule of thumb, aeration is essential for a clean pond. When winter rolls around, you need to have an aeration system. Otherwise, ice will start to form on the surface of the pond. Constant water movement will create a hole in the ice, allowing circulation in the water. However, for aeration to work at an optimal level, you must clear out those leaves. A buildup of leaves in the water can impede proper water flow.

Maintain Your Landscape

While maintaining your pond is vital, you must keep the overall landscape. Make sure that you rake any leaves around and near your pond. If trees surround your pond, you will indeed have a lot of fallen leaves. Other than raking the leaves, you can trim your trees regularly. This is good for growing your trees and keeping your pond clean. Remember that you won’t get every single leaf, but the less that you have in your pond, the better off you’ll be.