What We Learned in 2020

  • January 28, 2021
What We Learned in 2020 - Air-O-Lator

2021 goals, predictions, and the continued importance of clean water. 

This last year was a tough one for many, no doubt. But, as with the beginning of every year, we choose to look back on the previous year and glean any wisdom we can as we move forward into the new year. 

An Increased Need for Cleaner Nature 

At the height of lockdown, transportation ceased, emissions downsized, and the world got a little quieter as we all stayed home. But one thing was loud and clear – nature was the only place where we could get out and breathe freely. We have a new appreciation for parks, backyards, and drives through the countryside.

Since one of the few things we were left to enjoy during quarantine was nature, there is a revived interest in keeping water and wildlife clean. We hope this continues into 2021 and beyond, as we continue to fight for sustainable water solutions.

We read some interesting articles about this too:  

Nature.org: Will Nature Go Mainstream in 2021?  

NRPA – COVID 19 is prompting changes to conservation 

WaterWorld – Tapping into a lower carbon footprint for wastewater utilities


Accessible Online Solutions 

With businesses shutting down around the country and globe, we had to adapt. Thankfully, our online store was ready to go. This year proved more than ever how much business can be conducted online. We took time to create quality content, reach out via phone call, email, or newsletters to clients. From remote water management to digital water solutions, we’re excited to see what the future of water sustainability holds. And we’ve got big plans! 

WaterWorld published this interesting forecast about the future of water sustainability and solutions: Water World – Forecast 2021


Video Consultations 

There were countless video chats throughout the year, and maybe we are all a little tired of them, but we learned how to use video consultations to help our customers. Though we miss in-person visits, we’re thankful that live video chat allowed us to continue to meet our standards for customer service even during a global pandemic. We even helped a customer install an aerator via video chat! 


Time for an Upgrade

Many people also took the time to work on projects like updating their systems and doing delayed maintenance. That, combined with more people using public parks to get out and enjoy nature, resulted in improved outdoor spaces. We helped Kerry Golden of the Shawnee County Parks & Rec Department update the fountains on the Lake Shawnee Golf Course and the Cypress Ridge Golf Club.

A helpful resource for Golf Course Managers: GCM – Maintenance renovations – Selling the pitch  


What did you learn in 2020? What new technologies, business practices, and causes will you be carrying into 2021?