Wacky weather calls for aeration

  • May 1, 2013

It has been a very strange weather year across the nation.

Unseasonably cool, snow in May, heavy rains with flooding, devastating tornados, record-breaking heat in the Northeast and Southwest. These events are impacting ecological problems in our water systems.

From golf courses and irrigation systems to stormwater retention ponds and private lakes, many bodies of water flooded leaving silt and debris to deal with. If you installed fountains and aerators late in the season, you will likely experience a heavier amount of algae bloom.

Water quality issues deteriorate quickly when temperatures rise both in the air and in the water. To keep water healthy and concentrations of bacteria and mosquito larva down, aerators and fountains must be operating. If in the past, you did not utilize aerators or fountains, this year will be the exception.

Get started as soon as possible to prevent problems and maintenance down the road.