Easy Summer Maintenance for Your Fountains

  • July 30, 2018

Although we’re pretty big fans of a good spring cleaning around here, a summer maintenance clean doesn’t hurt either.

Remove Debris and Manage Algae

With the number of summer storms we’ve had this year, it would be wise to take the time to remove pond debris. This will help your fountain and aerators to run better without the risk of debris affecting your fountain’s productivity.

Watch out for algae and debris that gets into or grows on your body of water from storms. Algae grow on stagnant bodies of water and can suffocate the oxygen out of the body of water.

Debris management is a must to ensure proper operation and longevity of your aerators and fountains. Air-O-Lator does offer a debris screen for both the aerators and fountains. Please contact us regarding the purchase and installation of a debris screen.

Inspect Your Fountain

Clean and inspect your fountain for nicks and wear, paying special attention to the power cable attached to your fountain. Consistently monitor the water levels. Examine the clarity of your water and check for insufficient oxygen levels. Watch for visible signs of unhealthy water such as a presence of algae, odor, or sediment build up.

An excess of debris in a body of water that already has an aerator or mixer could cause damage to your equipment. It is wise to check on your aerator or mixer after a storm to ensure that the propeller or intake is not clogged.

Make sure that your aerators for ponds are still working properly, too. By consistently monitoring your water, you will be able to recognize when your water is starting to look unhealthy and it is time to take action.

Order Replacement Parts

After you’ve inspected your fountain, consider whether you need replacement parts. Run your fountain for a while after you have cleaned it. If you do need replacement parts, simply submit a request replacement parts form for more information contact an Air-O-Lator expert by filling out a contact form below.