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What to Know About Solar Powered Pond Aerators

Unless you’re an environmentally conscious person, the term “solar powered” won’t usually carry the same weight that it would for someone focused on environmentally-friendly practices. When it comes to pond management, solar powered pond aerators are pond care products that can benefit anyone with a pond who’s environmentally friendly...
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Let the Summer Sun Work For Your Pond

One of the best ways to enhance a gorgeous piece of property is a pond. It’s also a popular addition as it seems as though it can manage itself. This is a common misconception about both man-made and natural ponds, as they each need their own amount of maintenance...
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All You Need to Know About Aquarian Aerators 

Sustainable water management means ensuring that our ponds and lakes are getting a healthy amount of oxygenation, especially for water wildlife living nearby or in our ponds. The best solution for this is an aquarian aerator. Our aerators move water from the bottom of your pond to the top, generating...
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The Aquarian Professional: A 3-in-1 product.

The Aquarian Professional is a great place to start if you’re looking for an aerating fountain and de-icer. This powerful combination gives you a year-round solution for aerating your water aesthetically. The Aquarian Professional is a 3-in-1 product that is a great solution for wastewater management and treatment. Powered...
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Spring Rains Bring Stormwater Management

Spring rains and thunderstorms bring buckets of fresh water to growing flora, but an excess of rain also means bodies of water may become overfilled, and stormwater runoff often gathers dirt and debris that also runs into bodies of water. It’s important to be prepared for spring rains and...
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Respecting Water on the Golf Course

Respecting Water on the Golf Course Golf season is in full swing, so we’re offering three tips on how to manage and improve the water on your golf course. Most bodies of water on a golf course are used for water management in irrigation. It’s important to take care of...
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