All You Need to Know About Aquarian Aerators 

  • August 11, 2019
All You Need to Know About Aquarian Aerators  - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

Sustainable water management means ensuring that our ponds and lakes are getting a healthy amount of oxygenation, especially for water wildlife living nearby or in our ponds. The best solution for this is an aquarian aerator. Our aerators move water from the bottom of your pond to the top, generating a circular motion that revives your water and keeps it fresh for wildlife. This repeated action also reduces duckweed, moss, or algae growth on your pond as it keeps water moving. 

Today’s modern surface aerators are energy-efficient, highly effective, and affordable. Surface aerators for ponds can be installed with minimal disruption in less than an hour and ensure quality water management for ponds, lakes, and lagoons. As you consider which aerator will suit your aquatic friends, we’ve written up a guide to all you need to know about our aquarian aerators. 


Perfect for 

  • Any bodies of water with aquatic wildlife 
  • Wastewater and lagoons 
  • Dispersing algae or duckweed buildup 
  • Keeping water moving
  • Breaking the water surface to allow more oxygen to filter through your water 
  • Reducing the smell of sewage
  • Keeping water fresh for wildlife. 


Types of Aerators 

We offer four different aquatic aerators that serve the unified purpose of ensuring the health and safety of aquatic life but vary in horsepower and the best applications for their use. 

  • Professional: Available in 1/2 – 1.5 Horsepower depending on the amount of aeration required for the body of water. It’s also excellent for ice melting during the winter months with the addition of the Sling Rope De-Icing Kit.
  • Commercial: A floating surface aerator ideal for aerating and mixing water in wastewater lagoon applications, especially for tough wastewater lagoon environments that small and large municipalities must manage. Available with a two or three horsepower Franklin Electric Submersible motor.
  • Quantum: The Aquarian Quantum is a floating surface aerator for aerating and mixing in water and wastewater lagoons. Designed to create a sizeable continuous air/water interface, the Quantum works to transfer atmospheric oxygen to the liquid being aerated, mix the liquid contents, and keep degradable solids in suspension. It comes standard with a Franklin Electric Submersible Motor available in 5, 7.5, 10, 15, and 20 horsepower.
  • Aquaculture: It’s in the name! The Aquarian Aquaculture is specifically designed to increase oxygen levels in aquatic applications. This aerator is essential for keeping the water healthy for fish or prawns and regulating oxygen for optimal results. Your fish will be healthier and happier. 


Case Study 

Roy Watkins, President and CEO of Air-O-Lator, recently visited long-time customer Mike Mnich of Bartlesville, Oklahoma to help install a new Aquarian Professional Aerator. 

Mike has a pond on his property that is about ¾ acre wide and 12 ft deep, and home to several large carp. Until recently, he was using the same aerator he bought back in 1990.

“This last year, I got three different types of duckweed,” Mike said. “The duckweed that I have are like little green bb’s no bigger than a shot in a shotgun. They have no roots and no pebbles. It sears over the whole pond. When there is no wind, the pond can’t be aerated. In the past, before I bought the aerator 29 years ago, the pond turned over. If we had a big rain late in the spring season, the water on the bottom turned up and used all the oxygen. And as a result, the fish die. After having to clean up three barrels of dead fish, I didn’t want to play that game anymore, so that was the initial reason for buying the aerator.” 

For Mike, an Aquarian Professional aerator enables the water to come up through the float and pushes the pond weeds away, just like the wind would. When there is no wind or aerator, it’s like throwing a blanket on the water. The oxygen is depleted, and the fish suffer.

When Roy visited Mike to help install the new aerator, Mike was considering using a chemical to kill the weeds in the pond. Mike visited a local supplier who told him that a quart of solution would cost $847, but may not even work. So Roy suggested letting the aerator do its work, and waiting until the spring to see if Mike still needed the chemical. But, within minutes of installing and turning on the new aerator, the pond cleared. 

“The fish are getting a chance to live more normally,” Mike said of the new aerator. “It replenishes the water in the pond.” 

“In the 57 years we’ve been here, we’ve had all different kinds of maladies,” Mike said. “That’s the reason for the aerator. It’s like going to the doctor when you’re sick and getting a shot. It clears it all up! That’s what Roy and Air-O-Lator have done for me.” 


  • Easy to install 
  • Eco-friendly Franklin Electric Motor (no oil required) 
  • High-speed, foul resistant propeller. High shearwater spraying action. No lazy spray or bubbles.
  • Water-resistant power cables
  • Computer-designed diffuser engineered to break up the water column for the best oxygen transfer rate.


How It Works

Professional: The high-velocity Aquarian propeller pumps an immense column of water, creating constant aeration and re-aeration in a circular pattern. A continuous turnover prevents stratification to depths of up to 12 feet.

Commercial: This aerator uses a high-velocity propeller to pump a column of water upward, throughout the body of water, which diverts water into a horizontal direction and optimizes the dispersion of the water, producing constant aeration. This is one of the best ways to get maximum ventilation for your pond. 

Quantum: Similar to the Commercial aerator, the Quantum is designed to pump an immense amount of water and oxygen throughout your water to maximize aeration. The Quantum does come with a bonus: it has its own inexhaustible lubrication and cooling environment, requires NO MAINTENANCE, and has a clog-resistant design that prevents the possibility of a solid foreign object becoming wedged between the propeller and the walls of an intake tube.

Aquarian: Like our other aerators, the Aquarian is designed to create constant aeration and re-aeration circularly. However, it is made explicitly for lakes or ponds that are home to aquaculture or water wildlife. Its propellers and equipment are made to promote a healthy and sustainable culture in your water so that your wildlife can thrive.

Things to Consider


Regardless of what equipment you’re purchasing, you always need to consider the shape, surface area, and depth of the pond. The amount of surface area the system will adequately cover is dependent on the depth of the shape of the pond. The area of coverage increases the deeper the aerator is located on the water.

Number of Aerators 

The shape of a pond also affects the number of aerators needed. An irregularly shaped pond may require multiple aerators to disperse the oxygen adequately.


The beauty of aquarian surface aerators is that they play well with other inhabitants in your water. An aquarian surface aerator helps to disrupt the water healthily, to keep it moving as it would at its most natural and healthy state. As water is circulated throughout your pond, and your fountain disrupts the surface, oxygen is introduced throughout, giving your aquatic wildlife a breath of fresh air. The eco-friendly Franklin Electric Submersible Motor does not require oil, so you don’t need to worry about oil affecting the scales or feathers of your wildlife. The extra boost of horsepower also helps to clear, within minutes, any duckweed suffocating the surface.

To find out if an aquarian aerator would be a good fit for your body of water, contact an Air-O-Lator expert today.

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