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How Can I Keep My Solar Pond Aeration System Running At Night?

Air circulation is important for maintaining a healthy and enjoyable environment in a lake. It provides oxygen to the fish and keeps the water clean. To achieve this, you should invest in a quality aeration system, such as an electric or solar-powered one. If you choose a solar-powered system,...
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Spring is Perfect for Solar Powered Pond Aerators

Have you ever seen a stagnant lake or pond in person? Whether you’re a pond person or not, stagnant ponds are pretty easy to spot. Usually, a body of water that’s lacking proper pond aeration will be subject to foul odors, cloudy or scummy water, nuisance weeds and algae,...
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5 Important Reasons To Aerate Your Pond

Pond aerators work by creating currents and give crucial oxygen to the fish in your pond. The following are five principal reasons you need aeration in your pond. Aeration creates oxygen levels in the pond Fish require adequate oxygen levels to prosper in ponds, and anaerobic bacteria and microorganisms...
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What Are The Benefits of Solar Aeration?

Proper aeration is an essential component of maintaining a clean lake or lake. It gives your lake life a consistent climate and enhances the design’s overall feel. You will have two or three options for your aeration system, including solar aeration. What advantages does solar aeration offer, then? We...
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What Is Pond Aeration?

Ponds significantly enhance a landscape’s overall beauty and well-being. A pond can provide a balanced ecosystem for all pond life if done correctly. In addition, it lends a natural yet elegant appearance to the surrounding landscapes and structures. If you already have a pond, you’ve probably heard of aeration....
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How much aeration is required for my pond?

A pond needs much care and attention to stay clean and healthy. Pond aeration is one of the most important things you can do to take care of your pond, even though there are many things you can do. To keep the water moving, you need to have an...
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Are There Benefits To Year-Round Aeration

Although it is a common misconception that aeration of ponds is only beneficial during the warmer months of the summer, aeration of your pond throughout the year can provide numerous benefits to its inhabitants. This includes, of course, each of the four seasons: If done correctly, aeration in the...
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The Importance of Aeration in the Winter

As winter approaches, frigid temperatures are sure to follow. Everyone who owns a pond should start getting ready for the possibility of freezing weather that could affect the waters. When those temperatures reach freezing, it is also essential to safeguard the aquatic life in your pond. Let’s discuss why...
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All You Need to Know About Deep Aire Subsurface Aerators

Subsurface aerators are a great solution for many of our customers, especially since Deep Aire subsurface aerators do not require electricity  to be in a pond. We broke down all you need to know about one of our best pond aerators to help your pond stay clean and healthy. Subsurface...
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Do This to Reduce Fountain Algae in the Summer

Without proper preventative measures, like installing an aerator, algae can quickly overtake your water. Ponds, lakes and many other bodies of water can easily become contaminated through poor mix and oxygen levels. Aeration and mixing are important because it ensures that water does not become stagnant and prevents algae...
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