Air-O-Lator Lights Up Fountains with New Bluetooth Capabilities 

  • March 31, 2020
Air-O-Lator Lights Up Fountains with New Bluetooth Capabilities  - Air-O-Lator - Pond Aeration & Maintenance Products

The fountain manufacturer adds wireless light kits to their beloved fountains 

GRANDVIEW, Mo. March 31, 2020—The Air-O-Lator Corporation now offers color-changing lights for the company’s Legacy, Ready and Platinum Font N’Aire lines. These lights are operable via Bluetooth wireless mobile technology and allow customers to customize their light displays. 

The color-changing lights are 12-volt, LED Lamps and are operated and controlled through a free app that customers can download on their phones. Customers will be able to purchase the light kits, order the Bluetooth option, and, once their fountain arrives, they can add the app to their phone for easy management. Customers can choose from red, blue, green, and white lights through their phone app. The app will also help create a customizable color spectrum through which they can rotate lighting options. With lights, fountains, and phone in-sync, the fountain will easily become an entertaining and pleasant addition to any nighttime water feature. 

“This allows people to control their fountain light displays from their phone and select from even more customizable color combinations,” CEO Roy Watkins said. “As we all move to more online integration with products, our Bluetooth light kits allow for color combinations for any preference and make it easier for customers to update and manage their fountains.” 

As many begin to shift into summer maintenance, light kits become a popular solution for summer water features since many customers run their fountains at night to help with aeration and conservation of energy. The lights are an added bonus, creating a dynamic feature and illuminating fountains. 

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